Feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the essential oils for sale today?

Confused and not sure which brand to buy? I was too!

My essential oil story...

Initially, I was what I call a "dabbler" of essential oils - buying some from here and there - no particular brand.  I had no idea how to use them or that they have so many therapeutic benefits.  I loved the aroma and that's what attracted me to the oils.

Here's what I didn't know...

  • Not all essential oils are created equal.
  • About 80% of essential oils for sale today are adulterated with synthetic fillers.
  • Purity and quality really does matter - this is what determines how effective the oils are in supporting our health.
As I began my formal education as a Certified Aromatherapist, my knowledge and awareness was broadened.

How did I come to know doTERRA essential oils?

While at a medical appointment, my doctor recommended I use essential oils to support my health.  She specifically recommended the doTERRA brand of essential oils to me.  Since she had already played an integral part in my getting my health back on track, I trusted and valued her opinion.  As I began using doTERRA, it didn't take long before I quickly realized why she recommended I use this specific brand of essential oils.

I remember opening my first bottle of doTERRA - the aroma of the oil was so beautiful, pure and natural - it was as if I was smelling the essence of the plant itself.  This was a new essential oil experience for me - like none other I had with previous experienced with other essential oil brands.

As my family began to using doTERRA essential oils to support our physical and emotional well-being, we experienced so many wonderful natural benefits.  It became clear to us that these amazing gifts from nature had a lot to offer!  Before we knew it, the oils became a daily part of our life. 

Here's what I know now...

  • doTERRA's commitment to quality and purity through their co-impact sourcing practices and third-party independent testing, results in essential oils with the highest purity and efficacy. 
  • I can feel confident about using their oils to support my family's health naturally.
  • I am making a contribution to the global world through my personal use of doTERRA essential oils.

I invite you to watch these videos to learn more...

Global Impact

Co-impact sourcing